One of our goals is to provide top-notch care to patients in a residential care setting while ensuring their health and comfort.

caregiver mopping the floor smiling

If you or you have a loved one who is in need of assistance in accomplishing simple tasks such as their activities of daily living and household chores, then our congregate residential services here at Assurance Homecare Services will be the best service for you or your loved one.

We strive to help senior adults to live a comfortable, empowered, dignified, and happy lives as they face their twilight years through this service. Providing you with the support you need is one of our ways to help you maintain your independence.

Patients who are under our care will get to live, play, socialize and work with seniors their age to make them feel the atmosphere of home even if they are away from theirs. We also provide close supervision and monitoring to ensure their good health, wellness, and safety all the time.

For more detailed information about this service, call 703-345-0590.